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  In 1969 the Kaleva Historical Society (KHS) was formed by group of civil minded residents of Kaleva and surronding area wanted preserve the history of the area. The first Historical Museum was housed in the Standard School Building. In 1983 with community fund raising efforts the Historical Society was able to purchase the Bottle House from the John Makinen Family, who in 1941 built the House from glass bottles from his pop bottling factory. The Historical Kaleva Bottle House is now houses the Historical Museum. In 2008, The Village of Kaleva purchased a large collection of Makinen lures and other items produced by the business from long time collector Bill D. Gregory from Osh Kosh WI and in 2009 the Makinen Collection room open at the bottle house.

 In 1998 Project Kaleva was formed to help students from Brethren High School Service Learning Class working on Projects in Kaleva. The BHS Service Learning Class and Project worked together restoring the Kaleva Railroad Depot, the Asiala Family Log Cabin(Log Cabin Theater) and creating the Centennial Walkway featuring original sculptures such as the giant Grasshopper (St Uhro Day Sculpture). On December 21st the Winter Soltice is celebrated by lighting over 1000 candle luminaries on gravesites at Maple Grove Twp Cemetery in Kaleva and is 1 of the Project Kaleva events that KHS continues.

The walkway and gardens were created to celebrate Kaleva's Centennial Year in 2000. It extends North to the Railroad Depot Museum, South to Nine Mile Road and travels to the Kaleva Roadside Park Softball Diamond. Project Kaleva has since merged with the Historical Society.  The Robert Rengo (had served as Mayor of Kaleva for over 40 years) Memorial Sculpture added in 2013 was added to the Centennial walkway near the entrance.

The Railroad  Depot Museum open 1999 houses a collection artifacts about the history of railroads and their impact on Kaleva. The Village of Kaleva has since bought and restored a M&NE Switch engine located beside the depot.

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